Love that's out of this world!
I am very proud to announce that Borderline
has been nominated for a
2007 Spectrum Award!! The Gaylactic
Spectrum Awards honor outstanding
works of science fiction, fantasy and
horror which include significant positive
explorations of gay, lesbian, bisexual or
transgendered characters, themes, or
What's it about?

Dominic Hampton grandfather’s founded
the gated community of Hamptonville in
order to keep out the ‘outsiders.’ The son
of a senator and of the first family of
Hamptonville, Dominic’s life has been all
mapped out for him. In a few days, he’s
getting married. Although resigned to his
fate, he feels the need to let loose a little
when his family leave him to his own
devices for a few days before the wedding.
After meeting Andre Jarvis, an ‘outsider,’
hired to set up the props in the back yard
for Dominic’s wedding, he decides to cross
the borderline one night in one final act of

Borderline is the story of a man who has
had to restrain his own passions his entire
life, and of a seemingly impossible love
which just won’t be denied


“Coffee then?”

“Not a bad idea,” I replied, going to sit on
the sofa. I sank down into it, realising that
getting up would be a challenge. I heard
the water running, then music piped out of
the wall speakers, soft and low. “That’s
nice,” I said. Frankly I was surprised that he
didn’t just pounce on me the moment we
walked in. I don’t think I would have had
the strength or the inclination to refuse
him. Maybe I was just a little disappointed
too. I needed to get past this horrible
feeling in the pit of my gut, this feeling of
anticipation, longing and dread. “I’m
getting married next week,” I said aloud.
“Of course you know that since…”

He was standing in front of me now,
holding a steaming mug of coffee in his
hand. “Yes, I know that.”

I wiggled a bit on the sofa, trying to put
myself into an upright position. He handed
me the cup.

“So, what are you doing here?”

My hand tightened around the hot mug. It
was burning my hand, but it didn’t matter. I
couldn’t really feel it. I cleared my throat. “It’
s just a cup of coffee.”

“Is it?”

I met his eyes, beautiful blue eyes, dark
and right now, impossible to read. If I could
have stood up, I would have, just because I
felt so vulnerable down there with him
standing over me like that. My eyes went to
his mouth. Maybe all I wanted was to know
what it would feel like to kiss a man. My
eyes moved down his chest and settled on
the definitive bulge between his legs. I felt
the saliva form in my mouth, my balls
tightened, and I knew that wasn’t all I
wanted. When desire has been repressed
for so long, the power of that desire can
completely wipe out feelings of guilt and
fear. And Andre was everything I’d ever
desired. A drop of hot coffee hit my knee. I
winced, glancing at my hand to see that it
was shaking. Andre took the cup out of my
hand, and set it down on the coffee table.
“What was the question?”

He leaned down and kissed me. Just like
that. Damn, it was so easy for him. He
pressed his mouth against mine and gave
me the gentlest of kisses. “Dominic,” he
said, moving back again, “I’ve never felt…”
He stopped. “You are the last man I should
want. Nothing good can come of this.”

It surprised me that he had his own
reservations. I thought it was only me. The
kiss lingered on my lips.

“What do you want?”

I managed to awkwardly push myself off
that stupid sofa. I stood in front of him now,
trembling all over. “One night,” I
whispered. “One night where I don’t have
to think about what I should do. I just want
to think about what I want to do, and right
now, I want you to make love to me.”

Andre noticeably sucked in some breath,
took a step closer, and put his hands on
either side of my face. He lowered his head
again and kissed me. This time, it was not
gentle. It was a kiss born of an evening that
was fraught with anxious anticipation
and…raw need. I fell into that kiss, gave
myself over to it as Andre began to
unbutton my shirt. I kissed him harder,
hiding in it, not ready to acknowledge yet
that his hands were now undoing my pants.
I heard them fall around my ankles, felt his
hands move down around me and cup my
ass, dragging me closer to his body. His
mouth slid off mine and he buried his face
in my neck, dragged his lips across my
shoulder. My cock was pressed against his
thigh, throbbing.

He stepped away from me suddenly. I
thought I’d die for a second. My body
literally ached to have him near me again.
He smiled and pulled his t-shirt out of his
pants. I stepped out of my pants and
underwear, shrugged my shirt off. I think I
laughed. “Come on,” he said. He took my
hand again and led me to the bedroom.
Only the moonlight streamed in through the
window. It was enough to allow me a view
of Andre undoing his pants. He was as hard
as I was, a little bigger. His cock was
leaking pre-cum. I could see it glistening
on the tip. “You’re beautiful.”


Borderline is an inventive futuristic tale of
the haves and have-nots, the arrogantly
superior and those who are considered
only slightly above slaves. It also examines
the pressures of family and generational
beliefs imposing on an individual's
personal privacy, dreams and desires. The
m/m intimacy is sizzling and appealing, and
Dominic and Andre are well-drawn and
empathetic characters. D. J. Manly has
produced another winner in Borderline.

Connor's Storm
What's it about?

Virile and sexy young Connor MacMahon, a colonel in the United
World Defense, is sent on a top secret mission to the planet of
Sanctum. The fate of the earth and its inhabitants depends on the
protection of a precious compound grown on the planet. He is to
protect the crops at all costs.

The planet of Sanctum is about to be invaded by the Deino.
Young, idealistic Storm Varek, the leader of a clandestine
resistance group SIL doesn't intend to sit around and watch as his
people are slaughtered by their mortal enemy. Storm knows the
United World Defense League cares only about keeping the
precious crops grown there safe from the Deino.

Connor is given information about Storm even before he lands on
Sanctum, and he doesn't intend to allow him to get in the way of
his mission. When Connor and Storm meet, there is no
misunderstanding about where they stand. They don't trust each
other at all, and with good reason. Connor is biding his time. As
soon as he uncovers proof of Storm's illegal activities, he will
have what he needs to arrest him and other members of the SIL.

Both men know the last thing they should do is become lovers,
but the attraction between them is hot and instantaneous, and
burning totally out of control.


Our bodies were far too close. I swayed in such a way as to put a
little distance between us, leaving my hands on his forearms.

"The word for brotherly love," he said, "it's lamoite. The word for
long-time love is lamime, and the word for sexual love," he
paused and looked up at me, "is lamous. And in Deinish, it's the
kind of sexual love that is equated with unstoppable passion."

"Really?" I said, clearing my throat. When in hell was this song
ever going to end?

He reached up and suddenly and pushed a stray strand of hair off
my forehead. "Your hair is not regulation, Soldier," he said softly,
too damn softly. "What's the punishment for that?"

I gave him an uneasy smile. "Nothing, as long as they don't find

"Ah, a naughty boy," he whispered, letting his fingers trail down
my cheek. The other hand moved up my back and he pressed his
body closer again. My pulse began to race, my heart thumping in
my chest and I could feel my testicles tighten as his erection
pressed against my thigh. The song ended and I almost pushed
him away from me.

"We need to go," I said abruptly, trying to keep my eyes off the
naked men on the little stages. "I think I get the picture."

I walked toward door, with him on my heels, several men brushing
by me, smiling. I got outside and drew in air. My head was
spinning. Thank God I didn't drink that concoction, whatever it
was. Once we were back in the air, Storm asked me if I was all

"Fine," I said.

"I will leave you at the barracks," he replied.

"You can leave me a half mile from there. I'd appreciate a little
walk." I don't know what the hell was wrong with me. The wine
must have worn off by now but I still felt like I was intoxicated.

We touched down nearby. I said goodbye and got out. I couldn't
look back at him. I began to walk, checking the time. It was late. I
checked in with the gate watchman and headed for my unit. When
I arrived, I locked myself in, looking forward to my bed. In front of
the bed, I pressed my finger to the seam on the uniform and both
sleeves began to open. The material fell to my waist. I was just
about to press the seam which would allow the rest of it to peel
away from my body when I heard a voice say, "Fantastic, keep

I swirled around to see Storm sitting on my bed.

"How in the hell did you get in here?" I demanded.

"Looks like you have a security problem, Colonel," he said,
getting up off my bed.

Connor's Storm Earns
5 Angel Review from
Fallen Angel Reviews!

"DJ Manly has created a wonderful book that combines a sci-fi
story with a love story that is riveting. Conner and Storm come
from different worlds, but find a love that overcomes both cultural
diversities… The erotic scenes between Connor and Storm were
very realistic and spellbinding for the reader. Thanks go to DJ
Manly for writing such an original and spellbinding story."

Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews
The Staircase-Tarot
What's it About?

Amidst devastation and the near genocide of his people, Tristan
is determined to rescue the very last of the survivors, even if he
has to drag himself back up the mountain to do it.

There was a staircase once which linked Temple Green and
Celestial Ridge, a staircase which was torn down when the war
began…a staircase which carried him to his lover.

Tristan will once again climb the mountain to Celestial Ridge in
order to rescue any remaining survivors. And after nine years of
separation, he will face Trinity, his enemy and the man he still
desperately loves.


“Tristan. Take off your clothes.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. We’re in the middle of town.”

Trinity grabbed him by the arm and dragged him behind a
building. “Take off your clothes or I’ll rip them off.” He gave him
that daring smile of his.

“You’re insatiable. Animal,” but he was smiling, and his cock was
so hard all of a sudden.

“Yes,” he replied, reaching between his legs and cupping his
balls in the palm of his hand through his pants. “I am, when it
comes to you.” Trinity’s lips came down on his, and within
seconds, he had him moaning.

Trinity ripped at his shirt, spreading it open, pinning his arms out
against the wall as he captured one of his nipples between his
teeth. “I- want- to- fuck- you,” he breathed, in between licks and

Tristan’s head went back against the wall. “Yes, God, yes,” he
cried out. Trinity opened the snaps on his pants, and ripped them
down over his hips.

“No underwear,” Trinity groaned, moving his mouth downwards
now. “Oh Tristan…you devil.”

Tristan laughed. He placed his hands in Trinity’s hair and pushed
him down to his knees. “Suck it. Oh, God, yes, do that magic you
do with your mouth and…oh God…yes, yes…Fuck yes…”

When Trinity paused and looked up at him, a faint smile on his
lips, Tristan felt like he was dying. His cock was close to bursting.
Without warning, Trinity stood, yanked him around and pushed
him over a container. His legs spread, his ass in the air, he heard
Trinity undo his pants.

Rough hands parted his legs even more. A tongue delved in
between his ass checks and slowly laved his aching orifice in a
tortuous rhythm. His entire body began to spasm. Trinity held him
down, pinned against that container, his tongue dipping deeper
inside of him. “Please,” Tristan begged. “Oh Please.” A hand
began to play with his balls, tease his aching cock. The tongue
was replaced by a finger, then two, in and out in a slow sensuous
dance. He screamed, licked his lips, said his name. “Trinity, I love


DJ Manly has created a world rich in conflict and drama that grabs
onto the reader from the start. The conflict of war is one that
everyone is familiar with and the ability to see both sides helps us
to understand that no one side is completely correct. The love
between Tristan and Trinity is very beautiful and poignant. The rift
that the war causes is heartbreaking to see. Their ability to look
beyond what they were taught to see the truth beyond is one that
I wish everyone had. The staircase in itself is an interesting
physical representation of the two societies that is then
destroyed by war. Thanks goes to DJ Manly for writing such a
wonderful and stirring story.

Reviewed by: Teresa-FARR